Holistic Cannabis Practitioner Member of APA,ACA,ACCA,ACMA, MCBR

ABOUT the CEO-Founder

I have experience in counseling adults with all mental health diagnosis.

I specialize in anxiety, depression and PTSD.

I am certified in hypnosis and health and wellness coaching.

I have studied alcohol and drug counseling and assisted clients with alcohol and drug abuse disorders.

I am thrilled that medicinal marijuana has finally been made legal in Missouri for medicinal use.

As a Mental Health Professional it is exhausting to be forced to practice  in the field and be "part of the stigma"  while counseling clients that use cannabis for mental health and chronic pain diagnosis.  


Everyone has a journey, everyone has a story. Our story is about one of my children and of our Chronic Pain specialists/ Community Support and Benefits Specialists. Their journey of battling depression, anxiety, PTSD, and chronic pain ​has made this possible. Their journeys prove cannabis and mental health and wellness will help you "LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE" 

“Without Cannabis I would be addicted to opioids".

"Without Counseling and coaching I would not be able to start...

"Living My Best Life"

My son suffered from chronic pain and mental illness. I took him to psychiatrists, psychologists and even had to admit him for psychiatric care due to suicidal ideation and tendencies. He has been on countless "trial and error" drugs for depression, anxiety, ADHD and chronic pain. (this has been the only resource for Missouri "practicing medicine".) Practicing medicine means try this drug for this mental illness and chronic pain , but you may incur symptoms that actually maximize the negative thoughts, create physical pain and distress.

After learning he had a spine disease and needed spinal reconstruction- fusion surgery that consisted of replacing nearly his entire spine T2- to T12. It only created more mental health issues for him.

His care team pushed numerous medications. I allowed him to use medicinal cannabis (CBD) from licensed dispensaries out of state for his mental and physical health before surgery. Of course it didn't "fix" him, but it did ease his emotional and physical pain. Being a mother and feeling helpless and in pain watching my child suffer and was completely powerless of the situation was one of the worst experiences of my life.

While awaiting surgery for 3 months after the diagnosis I told his entire care team I allowed him to use cannabis (CBD) for emotional, mental and physical pain. All of the doctors didn't "bat an eye".

Surgery took place and while in the hospital I told his pain team how he managed his pain before and one anesthesiologist said, "I wish I could prescribe it for him, but my hands are tied due to the state laws". He then stated that there are patients currently at Children's Hospital that arrived from other parts of the country that come with cannabis prescribed to them for their pain.

He was at the hospital for 4 short days and then was released to come home. When we were sent home he was prescribed 13 medications. I had to watch his breathing due to being sedated. While picking up his prescriptions the pharmacist offered narcain to treat him for "what if". This terrified me. I called the on call doctor which was an anesthesiologist and I asked him if I could give my son edibles as he was used to from the dispensary instead of the opioid, Valium and muscle relaxer. The on call doctor stated, "I did my residency in California and would prescribe it all of the time' and to go ahead and "give the kid the candy!"

I was so pleased to hear this. My son is getting better everyday and is still under several physicians care including Counseling while using Cannabis,Mindfulness, and Humanistic Therapy. All of these tools are ultimately helping his recovery to.... as he says, "LIVE MY BEST LIFE!"