Learn how to obtain healthy coping skills for health and wellness with a holistic therapy approach using mindfulness along with the proper cannabanoids. 


What is causing your emotio​nal pain and depression? Learn how to manage depression to obtain optimal mental health and happiness. 


Post traumatic stress disorder can be managed through obtaining therapy such as humanistic, and hypnosis. Engaging in therapy while using the appropriate strain can lessen your symptoms and help you identify triggers so you can manage your mental health.

Stress Management

Learn through our humanistic therapy approach on how to "NOT let stress win". Take charge and take your life back. 


Our wellness coaches and humanistic  mental health counselors will assist you in reaching your highest potential and confidence needed to take charge of your relationships, whether investing in them or letting go of toxic relationships. So you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!

Community Resources Coach

If you are a client of ours and you are currently receiving disability as your only source of income, our coaches will give you financial resources to help obtain your basic needs in life. 

Education on benefits of each strain

Let us help guide you on the appropriate strain for your mental, emotional and physical health. We can show you which strain is the best fit for you and point you in the right direction with local medicinal dispensaries and cultivators.

Chronic Pain Education

Learn about chronic pain and tolerance. Learn how to not let your chronic pain effect your mental health. Using cannabanoids along with holistic therapies will help you with connecting your mind- body- spirit connection; to NOT allow your pain to take over your life any longer.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Our certified health and wellness coaches will assist you on reaching your goals. NO goal is "too small or too big". Setting SMART goals will assist you in attaining results with confidence. 

Our HWC utilize holistic methods including cannabanoids and REIKI to assist you in LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!

 These services include:

  • Integrating hygiene emphasizing on dental health while consuming cannabis and cannabanoids 
  • The benefits of REIKI and Aromatouch therapy and your overall health and wellness