Our Chronic Pain, Benefits and Community Resources Specialist

"For the past 7 years I have battled chronic pain and undergone 9 partial amputations, a foot reconstruction and then a below knee amputation.

Pain is subjective and when you're in it, you feel like no one else can understand. This feeling leads to crisis and the added stress from crisis can lead to additional health issues.

I have spent the past 7 years learning ways to manage my pain without narcotics. I'm not saying it was always easy but the journey has been worth it.

I've been blessed enough to experience everything from homelessness, anxiety, financial distress, grief from loss, depression and a leg amputation. 

Some people often say things like, "Blessed"?!

I am Blessed because of my journey I have learned about disability, government insurance benefits and community resources. I'm excited to bring my experience and knowledge to HCC and be a part of this amazing team while helping others on their journey.

There is no shame in looking outside the box to find more holistic and natural ways to manage your pain and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE"